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About our buttons

Riding public transit can be hard especially if you have an episodic disability, chronic illness or invisible disability. This button is a quick DIY way for you to ask for what you need without having to disclose diagnosis.

Episodic disabilities are long-term conditions that are characterized by periods of good health interrupted by periods of illness or disability. These periods may vary in severity, length and predictability from one person to another. HIV, fibromyalgia, chronic pain and MS are some examples.

Our logo is a person holding up a sign that shows a graph. This graph represents the episodic nature of many invisible disabilities. By holding the sign and sharing their disability, the logo person has agency to tell you about their disability, rather than you making assumptions. 


On this website buttons are $4 but we recognize that price can be a barrier for some folks. Therefore, we have priced our buttons sliding scale from $1-5 at various retailers. If you would like to make a donation so that more people can have buttons, please email us. All proceeds are being re-invested in making more buttons.  If you can't afford sliding scale, please contact us and we can figure out a trade. 

About Us

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Kate Welsh

Kate Welsh is a white settler, cis queer crip community activist, feminist artist and educator. She is passionate about building communities of care and striving to create safer, anti-oppressive spaces. Living with both visible and invisible episodic disabilities, Kate navigates complex experiences through art, activism and community care.

Kate created Equity Buttons and continues to run it out of her home. 

Orvis Starkweather

Orvis loved Kate's idea to make Equity Buttons and offered their design skills and ideas. Orvis is a maker and crafter whose practices centres on recognizing the strength of the underserved communities around them.